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Get Ripped Abs

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You want to know how to get Totally Ripped Abs?  Of course everyone does.  Have you been doing a gazzillion situps (which aren’t that effective), and still dont see results?  First things first, you need to look in the mirror.  What do you see?  If you are answering that you don’t see your totally ripped abs, is it because you have too much fat in the midsection?  I dont want to sound harsh, really I don’t, but lets be realistic.  If you want totally ripped abs then you need to lose the fat first right? 

Lets look at your diet.  You need to eat less calories than you burn.  Water, water, water, no soda, no kool-aid, nothing with sugar.  Take your weight, for every pound you need to drink at least an ounce of water.  Now work your way up to this, it is very unhealthy to start chugging lots of water out of the blue.  After you get to your goal weight then you can go to an half ounce per pound.

OK, lets say you are at say 10% BMI, and your ready to work on those Totally Ripped Abs.  You should do your back a favor and not do situps.  Your not working your abs as much as you think.  Start off doing crunches, with your arms crossed on your chest and on your shoulders.  For a more profound effect, ad some weight.  Soup cans in each hand to start off with, then gradually work your way up.  Do 3 sets of 10 to 20 crunches, 3 times a week. 

Do not hold your feet down with anything.  This is not good form and not going to help you get totally ripped abs.  If you can not do crunches without something holding your feet down then use something to start with but your goal should be to do crunches with no assistance and your feet flat on the floor.

Stay away from those leg raise contraptions; they do not work the abs, they target the hip flexors, which isn’t what we want.  The reason your abs hurt after using these contraptions is because you use them for stabilization.

So lets summerize what we have learned here.  To obtain totally ripped abs, you need to do crunches 3 times a week.  You need to change your diet and exercise to burn more calories than you take in.  Lets face it, if you have too much fat, you will not be able to see the muscle you are building.  Oh ya, do not forget the water, remember how much?  Slowly work your way up to an ounce per pound, as you lose weight your intake can decrease.  I hope this helps you achieve your goal of totally ripped abs. 

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