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Get Ripped – How To Get Ripped Fast

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You can be the biggest guy at the gym, the one that can bench press the most, the guy that everyone stares at. But if you have a layer of fat covering everything, then all that size and strength isn’t going to very impressive. If you’re not sure how to get ripped fast, then we are going to to discuss how weight training properly, getting the right nutrition into your body, and card will help you in getting a ripped, beach worthy body by next summer.

Find Out Where You Are Before You Start To Get Ripped

You’re either one of two people:

1. You’re the big guy. The one that like I said, is huge! But when the shirt comes off you don’t really have much muscle definition. You have a little excess fat that is covering up all your muscles.

2. You are the skinny guy. You may have all your veins popping out, but you have no muscle mass. If you’re not lucky a strong gust of wind has a chance of knocking you over.

So now that you know which one you are, figure out if you need to get rid of the flab, or bulk up. You can’t be ripped if you’re lacking in muscle definition or muscle mass. Only chase one goal, you cannot aim for both at once. Below I’m going to go over both categories.

How To Get Ripped With Weight Training

-Skinny guys should only train with no more than 1 or 2 forced rep to conserve energy
-Big guys should include drop sets and pre-exhaust sets to burn off more calories.

-Skinny guys need to focus on performing compound exercises only, no isolated movements.
-Big guys can include more isolation movements for caloric expenditure

-Skinny guys can’t afford to train for too long. Limit your sessions to 45 minutes or less.
-Big guys can train longer to burn more calories. An hour and a half is ideal.

-Skinny guys need to focus on getting stronger by at least 5% every other week.
-Big guys need to maintain strength to prevent muscle loss

-Skinny guys should split up their body parts into a maximum three day program.
-Big guys can spend more time per muscle group and split their body parts over 5 days.

How To Get Ripped With Cardio

-Skinny guys should do cardio if they have an excess calorie intake of 1000 calories or more and as far apart from their weight training session as possible.
-Big guys need to do cardio immediately after their weight training session.

-Skinny guys should do cardio on a full stomach.
-Big guys need to do cardio on an empty stomach to maximize fat loss.

-Skinny guys should do cardio less than 4 times per week.
-Big guys can do cardio up to 7 or 10 times per week.

-Skinny guys should keep their cardio under 30 minutes.
-Big guys should strive to get in an hour.

-Skinny guys should drink a protein-carb post workout drink after working out.
-Big guys should sip on a protein drink to prevent muscle loss.

How To Get Ripped With Nutrition

-Skinny guys need to be eating around 15 times their body weight.
-Big guys need to be eating about 10 times to create a calorie deficit.

-Both skinny and big guys need to get at least 1 to 1.5 grams of protein for every pound of lean muscle.

-Skinny guys need to eat 2 times as much carbohydrates as proteins.
-Big guys need to eat an equal amount of protein and carbs.

-Skinny guys should be getting their carbs from whole grains, potatoes, oatmeal, and rice.
-Big guys should eat carbs only in the form of vegetables and fruits.


There we have it. A good foundation for getting ripped regardless if you’re skinny or big.

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